To create a communication and knowledge sharing platform in the fields of psychology, education and management, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of people and organizations in the academic, scientific and professional areas.



To be a reference partner in the area of ​​facilitation of knowledge sharing within the academic, scientific and professional contexts, contributing to human and social development by building knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed by all for personal fulfillment, social inclusion and active citizenship.



Innovation | Application of information, imagination and initiative to deliver new and useful methods, products and services, along with risk-taking minimization.

Humanism | Development of an ethical, human-centered, value-oriented, society-connected working model, aiming to constantly understand and transform our business at three core levels: the systems level, the organizational level and the individual level.

Creativity | Innovative strategic solutions for competitive adaptation of organizations to the surrounding environment.

Social responsibility | Commitment to act voluntarily in the best interests of society as a whole, inspiring our partners to do the same and boosting workflow and work outcomes.

Networking | Preference for work in transnational collaborative multidisciplinary and multifunctional networks.

Experience | Significant, practical, in context work in specific fields highly relevant to the company’s activity.