Psicoglobal´s intervention areas result from the interface between its vision, the experience accumulated by its collaborators, and its former and current projects. That allows us to give an appropriate and singular contribution to the development of products and methodologies that promote transnational teamwork and knowledge sharing among the various partners, clients and users: companies and other organizations, professionals and students.

1) European Projects Promotion

Project writing and submission.

Project coordination.

Project management (financial execution and reporting to European Commission).

2) European Projects Quality Assessment and Evaluation

Strategy definition, both as internal and external, of the quality plan.

External evaluation of the projects´quality of execution.

3) Transversal and Professional Skills Development

Definition and implementation of strategies to higher education institutions in order to develop their students´ soft skills, job search skills and entrepreneurship skills.

Definition and implementation of strategies to higher education institutions in order to promote curricula development (help HEI´s getting curricula better adapted to the business world, through iniciatives that connect both instances) .

4) Adults Education and Training

Research and intervention focused on adult education and training, namely in ICT and e-learning domain, specially the community work developed with social excluded populations.

Outsourcing of training management services for independent professionals / trainers (advertising, CRM, backoffice and logistics).

5) Psychology Web Portal [+]

Multichannel advertising of training offers and scientific and technical events in the field of psychology to the portuguese-speaking community all over the world (organizations, professionals, students and general population).

Free online publication and hosting of academic and technical contents (articles, chronicles, communications, thesis, etc.)

Midia technical advice and consulting on psychology related subjects (for the production of articles, journalistic pieces, technical comments, etc.).